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Researching underground electronic dog fence systems? It can be quite the education. But what you are really looking for is a gentle and humane pet containment solution from compassionate, service oriented, experienced dog experts…at a reasonable cost.

By pairing the best components with a strong reputation of unbeatable customer service, Pet Stop offers a winning combination for our customers as well as their pets.” Durafence owners Brent Harlan and Rick Stephens have been training and handling dogs since 1995 and installing hidden fences since 2004. They understand how pets learn best.

What Do School Teachers and Pet Fence Trainers have in common?

Rick and Brent are both local public school teachers and they know educational development can be fun for both the student and the teacher. They also have your loved ones best interest at heart. Pets, like children, are around many natural distractions that can jeopardize their safety. That is why safety and well-being are primary to Rick and Brent, from the schoolyard to the backyard.Class bully or shy pet? With the patience to earn the trust and respect from all students, Durafence can help educate your dog on the electronic fence, no matter the breed, size or personality.

A couple of years ago we had Rick and Brent install a dog fence for us. We were extremely happy with both the product and the work they did to install it… Our dog quickly adapted to her new life within the fence. It was life-changing for us… Since then, we have contacted them several times and they always responded very promptly and helped us with whatever we needed. Last winter our snowplow dug up and broke part of the fence and they quickly came to fix it. About a year ago, we acquired another pup and they lead us down the right path to purchase an additional collar. They have always been very helpful and we couldn't be happier with their services. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for an underground dog fence!”
-April, Columbiana County

Great teachers can make a life-changing difference to a student. Pet Stop pet fencing can be a real life-changer and game changer, literally, for your dog…and you. Being able to be outside with your pet off leash allows much more freedom for you both.

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SERVICE - Before, During, and After… Our service will set us apart. Prompt, professional and courteous experts…we do it right.

PET STOPS PREMIUM PRODUCTS and TECHNOLOGY – Pet Stop, the alternative Invisible Fence®, has the safest and most reliable technology in the market.

PET STOP'S GENTLE STEPS – Gentle Steps is an incremental and low-level training method. It offers a very humane way to introduce a dog, especially a dog that is a little timid, to their new fence without causing undue stress. Most dogs learn the system in a relatively short time.

Playmate in the Yard Next Door?

Yard Link allows us to link Pet Stop fencing so your dog can play with their friend next door… just another example of the advanced Pet Stop product and mindset, improving pet lives…one dog at a time.

The PetStop fence has given our family the ability and peace of mind to have a dog while living in a borough. Rick and Brent were even able to customize our application to make it work with our next door neighbor’s PetStop fence with Yard Link. Without a PetStop underground electric fence, our family would not be complete with a dog.” Pat, Lawrence County

New Installation and Upgrades, Service and Repair, Pet Fence Batteries and Components

Durafence services any and all competitive hidden fence systems including Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, Pet Safe®, and Dog Guard® as well as existing Pet Stop® fencing.
Proudly serving the areas between Pittsburgh and Cleveland… Service Counties: Beaver, Lawrence and Mercer in Pennsylvania and Columbiana in Ohio.

100% Made in the USA - Pet Stop is the only pet fence manufactured Made in the USA.

About Us

Rick has 2 Verien Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wire-Haired Pointers, named Major and Cent and Brent has Sadie, a Chocolate Lab. Pet owners with a strong desire for well-behaved and safely contained dogs, we saw a need in our area for an installer who knew dogs as well as we did and who would provide the outstanding service we would appreciate ourselves. Because of our love of dogs and the outdoors, we thought this was a perfect match.

Rick and Brent

Overtime we have had the opportunity to see every major brand of pet containment systems on the market and we have GRADUATED to the Pet Stop system. It’s exciting to know we are now installing the most advanced, dog-friendly system available.

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